Missing A Loved One Today

This is my gorgeous, fun, adventurous mother-in-law. Today is her birthday! But we aren’t having our typical celebration with balloons, music, cake and her favorite activity – a mini photo shoot. Instead, we honor her in silent reflection, smiling because we know she is in heaven and probably dancing with the angels. She left us on August 19, 2016, but the legacy she left behind is as alive as the birds chirping outside my window. She taught us to have unwavering faith and to understand our purpose even on the days we feel like giving up. She taught us how to make roti and plait bread from scratch. She taught us that it wasn’t actually insane to go to the beach at 5 a.m. because that was the opportune time to witness a glorious sunrise. She showed us how to forgive others and how to humbly and shamelessly ask for forgiveness. She let us know that it was ok to be flawed, but that authenticity mattered. Loving each other matters. Fighting for our family matters. Most importantly, and above all things, she exemplified what faith in Jesus Christ leads to: everlasting life. I am grateful for the years she was here. Grateful for all the laughs and tears we shared. Thankful for the adventures we embarked on, and somehow survived. Lol. Rest on, dear Verna. We will always honor, cherish and miss you❤️

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