Searching online and finding THE perfect flight brings a certain sense of accomplishment. You snagged a fabulous fare, got a stellar seat and you’re ready to jet like a boss. On the day of your flight, you feel a thrill when your group is called first or second to board. You store your carry-on items in the near-empty overhead bins with glee. You settle in for a great flight in that sweet seat you paid extra for.

And then your nightmare begins.

How many times have you had the experience of doing everything right only to get on a flight with one of these five scenarios happening:

1) a screaming/crying/kicking young child is seated directly behind or beside you and the parents sit there acting completely deaf or blind (And can I just recommend to these clueless parents that you get earphones for your kids’ tablets. If I hear one more loud, off-key round of “Baby Shark” I’m gonna go insane!)

2) incessant chatterboxes assault your ears and just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, TALK for the entire freaking flight

3) the person next to you snores loud enough to feel like he/she is causing in-flight turbulence

4) the half-drunk slob next to you keeps trying to strike up a conversation while all you want to do is sleep or get some work done

5) someone in your immediate area keeps farting and filling your precious air space with funky smells from Hell with no shame in their gassy game

All in all, in light of the recent Ethiopian Airlines fatal crash, we are always grateful to land safely.

What about you? What nauseating flight experiences have you endured? Do tell…

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