Hey, you…it’s International Women’s Day

It’s that day. The date on the calendar recognized as International Women’s Day 2019. March 8th happens to be a Friday this year. I woke up to a phone bombarded with all things female on what little social media accounts I still fuss with. I realized it was the day women get their global due. But I quickly thought, “Isn’t every day women’s day?” After all, we run the world. We are the curators of life and nurturing. We run companies and we run marathons. We give more than we take. We’re as strong as bulls, yet as delicate as the finest woven silk. As I struggled to get out of bed, staring out of my Baltimore suite at a frigid 30 degrees (how the hell do people live in this weather – year in, year out?), this Caribbean gal decided today would be the day. The day I kicked my butt back into gear and let my fingers do my verbal vomit. And so today, on International Women’s Day 2019, I gave birth. Welcome to my new baby…my blog, my outlet, my new BFF: mycaribbeanamericanlife.com. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.


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